The Larder Staff1

The Larder is predicated on the premise that we are a World Class Organisation built to last.

We are proud that we have an excellent reputation for providing 5 star cuisine delivered through cheerful staff committed to having the function be; outstanding, memorable  and surpassing expectations, such that future business through our customers is possible; if not guaranteed. Know that A MAJOR PART of our business (18 years in business here in Byron Bay) is received by the all-important “Word of Mouth” and with today’s social media opportunities; it is what we are always at work on improving. #Bestbyroncaterer !

With this in mind, we wish to welcome all new staff to the team and acknowledge all out existing staff on the fine work we do.

With this in mind, please accept the following agreements:

Code of Conduct Excellence

Stand: World Class Organisation Built To Last.

Supervisor’s Declared Roles.

To work; as the supervisor, for The Larder, is to work for one of the best Catering Companies in Byron Bay; well established and powerfully developed since its birth in 1998.
From that wonderful foundation, to work; as the supervisor, for The Larder, is a privilege provided by The Larder itself.
Therefore; every Supervisor upholds the following tenets:-

Staff Supervisors
  • Confident
  • Noble
  • Charming
  • Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Memorable
  • Thorough
  • Empathetic
  • Understanding
  • Brilliant

During functions, our Supervisors create an air of serene confidence, excelling; especially during moments of unforseen breakdowns. Empowerment and committed communication, delivers excellent customer service through a supervisor’s eloquent direction. All staff are ensured that that the courteous yet succinct requests for action are always through a commitment to having The Larder’s customer satisfaction be guaranteed and remembered.
It is declared that a supervisor’s domain is “Front of House” and all that goes on with instructions to staff, come from the supervisor only. All staff know that the “Head Chef” at the function understands that the supervisor’s role is tantamount to causing an excellent “smoothly run” function.

The Head Chef promises to be flexible, accommodating, understanding about time delays, miscommunications and any staff issues. Any communication from the Head Chef about anything to do with the function is directed to the supervisor only. This cooperative relationship between Supervisor and Head Chef is vital to having an excellent and efficient team.
All staff understands that the allocated Head Chef’s domain is the “Engine Room” so “food only” instructions are the norm.

The Larder Wait Person of Recognition:

Every Staff Person upholds the following tenets:-

  • Confident
  • Presentable
  • Engaging
  • Efficient
  • Enthusiastic
  • Coachable
  • Empowering
  • Energetic
  • Swift
  • Thoughtful

During a Larder’s shift, our waitperson enjoys working for a friendly, dynamic, efficient, thorough and charismatic team. Never known to “twiddle thumbs”, champion wait persons are CONTINUALLY LOOKING to bring “world class service excellence” to the room. All staff are encouraged to interact with our client’s guests FULLY and have these experiences be memorable. With a commitment to continually empowering the supervisor; any facets overlooked or missed AND any potential breakdowns that a waitperson foresees; are declared to the supervisor with an agreement to causing “being part of an extraordinary team”.

The Head Chef of Recognition:

  • Smart
  • Calm
  • Committed
  • Superb
  • Creative
  • Respecting
  • Diligent
  • Accommodating

Representing The Larder as the Head Chef is a privilege granted by the owner of The Larder. Standing on the shoulders of what Jeremy Docherty has “brought to the table”, the Head Chef at a Larder Function is recognised in fulfilling and delivering “cuisine excellence” according to the specially crafted menus declared on the Larder’s thorough website.
Recognising every function as different, The Head Chef promises to bring a level of professionalism to the event. Particular effort is given to attitude, presentation and edibility.

Working closely with the supervisor, the Head Chef understands the fluidity of “timing”, when it comes to serving “hot food” at all functions. With the experience of any event resting SOLELY on the shoulders of the SUPERVISOR, the Head Chef promises to work powerfully with the supervisor to ensure the tasting experience of all guests is not only well received but that the continual “compliments to the chef” returned by staff to the Head Chef is a measurement that the function is a success. The Head Chef understands that all staff receives thorough instructions from the SUPERVISOR and any requirements needed are always directed through the supervisor. The Head Chef agrees to empower all staff to be part of an excellent and extraordinary team.